Not Using the Periscope App? See What You Are Missing!

Doesn’t it seem like there’s a new smartphone app every second? And honestly, most of them are just a waste of time, right? So when Twitter came out with their app, Periscope, I thought I would give it shot. I’m on Twitter all of the time so I hoped that this app was going to make my Twitter experience even better. I was not disappointed! Periscope is an amazing app that allows you to stream live video and have your followers interact with you via scrolling chat, on screen in real time.

The more I used it, the more I was drawn in to a world filled with wonderful people and events. I love the news, so I started following news stations and journalists like Rochester’s Nikki Rudd & Pat Taney, or Tampa’s Lindsey Mastis to begin with. I watched them behind the scenes, preparing for their shows and getting insights from them that you wouldn’t get from a regular broadcast. I saw storm chasers in real time, like Mike Bettes & The Weather Channel,

and felt their panic and excitement while watching all the comments from people like myself who were just as amazed. I followed some of my favorite morning drive time crews like the Elvis Duran Show, Kane or the Bobby Bones Show. If you have a wanderlust, I suggest you follow people abroad, or those who travel a lot. While having my coffee in the morning, I watched a tropical rain storm on a beach in Bali, and even got an up close & personal tour of London by UK footballer Stan Collymore! One night shared tapas with some new friends in Barcelona and tossed back a few with some mates later in a Brisbane bar.

Periscope also has great practical and business uses. I watched several of my peers at the Social Media Marketing World this year in San Diego, an event I was unable to attend and I constantly watch reviews by Lance Ulanoff of Mashable on a whole host of tech topics. And, if you know me, my day would not be complete if I didn’t watch a few live cooking shows by Food 52 or Epicurious. These are just a few of the ways that Periscope opens the world up to me.

Here’s how Periscope actually works from a great article by Jason Parker on cNet.

Twitter’s Periscope (free) lets you watch or shoot live streaming video and has a constantly updated list of live streams to browse. It’s iPhone-only (for now), but with an easy-to-understand interface and the excitement of seeing what’s happening right now in other parts of the world, Periscope could be the next big thing on any platform.

Periscope came out hot on the heels of Meerkat, a live video-streaming app that released in mid-February and immediately skyrocketed up the most-popular-app lists. I compared the two apps side by side, but it quickly became clear Periscope had more features, more ways to discover content, and might be the

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