Social Media Trends to Put Into Practice in 2017

Social Media Trends to Put Into Practice in 2017

Today, every brand is a publisher, every consumer a creator. From instantly publishing videos with Facebook
Live and Periscope to more than one third of Snapchatters sharing daily videos and photos, there’s no shortage of
ways to connect with customers.

But when everyone is a creator, getting content to the top of social feeds and streams becomes harder than
ever. Marketers are creating more content while organic reach continues to decline.  As the analyst firm GlobalWebIndex found, 81 percent of internet users now publish a video, photo, or review online at least once per month. Likewise, Edelman’s Trust Barometer—a global study of consumer trust— reveals the rising influence of peer-driven media.

According to Edelman’s research, two of the top three most-used sources of news and information (search,
TV, and social) are peer-influenced media. This means that search and social carry equal weight to TV and
have more influence on mass market opinion than magazines, newspapers, and popular blogs.

In this report, you’ll learn how to align your marketing strategies with changing audience behaviors. From
social video advertising to connected workforces, 2017 offers new ways to reach customers and increase

While futuristic trends such as AI and virtual reality will no doubt impact marketing, we’ve decided to narrow
our focus on trends that marketers can act on in 2017.   These trends are based on what we’re seeing in our
global customer community which includes 15 million social media professionals and 800 of the Fortune 1000,
as well as analyst reports and interviews with industry experts.

Download the full 2017 Social Media Trends report here 


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