Digital Marketing

Marketing Automation

Looking to engage an audience and grow your following? Marketing automation platforms optimize every touchpoint of the marketing process by consolidating an otherwise fragmented set of online marketing tools. Bayshore Solutions makes it easy to start building automated workflows from scratch based on your unique audiences and goals.

Social Media Management

As a key driver of leads and deeper customer engagement, social media can’t be ignored. A strong social media strategy amplifies the effectiveness of your website’s landing pages, your content and conversion strategy. Our team excels at partnering with companies to identify their differentiators, segmenting their customer personas and improving your ROI.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the most critical component of a successful SEO and digital marketing strategy. From content that attracts like blog posts, social media posts and press releases to content that converts like specialized white pages, e-books and gated landing pages, Bayshore is poised to add value to your entire sales process from lead, to nurture to acquisition.

Email Marketing

One of the oldest online marketing tactics is still one of the most effective. We employ effective conversion techniques, conform to spam compliance, and build strategies to engage target audiences with your brand. Our teams have worked with clients in several industry verticals to select the right email marketing platform, optimize their lists, and measure performance to improve results.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Bid Management, media exchange platforms, campaign optimization, and cost per acquisition reporting are all used within paid media campaigns customized to your business goals. From Paid Search, Paid Social, Display Advertising and more — Bayshore Solutions will help you develop the strongest, most effective campaigns for your business to help improve both the quality and volume of visitors to your site.

Search Engine Optimization

Many of the SEO strategies of the past will now likely get you penalized or even blacklisted on search engines. Today’s rules of SEO are so complex and dynamic, that in order to compete, you need to commit to a monthly budget, plan your approach and work with a well-rounded team of digital marketers to implement within the evolving best practices set forth by Google.

Custom Reporting

Creating custom reports that allow our customers to quickly understand their digital campaigns and how they are performing.

Scorecard Definition

Understanding prime objectives, identifying quantitative indicators, and creating a quick reference dashboard that keeps you informed on your progress.


Working to understand what your website analytics really mean and how we can improve results based on the data.