Restaurant Reputation, Rating & Review Management is our specialty! How would your Restaurant change if you never had to worry about online reviews again?

Your restaurants online reputation is constantly at risk, and the Internet makes this a bigger challenge than in the past. Your online reputation affects sales in your restaurant in more ways than you can count. One unhappy customer or angry competitor can smear his or her discontent across your entire potential customer base in just a few minutes with a malicious rating and review.

We help you to eliminate bad reviews, increase positive sentiment and put control back in YOUR hands using our proven Manage, Monitor and Build approach.

We fully manage your restaurant’s reputation, ratings and reviews, from online customer support responses to requesting reviews from your customers. We monitor the feedback, respond to the negative and positive reviews, constantly striving for a 5-star rating on the review sites that matter. Our solution will improve your online ratings & reviews, build customer loyalty, improve brand awareness, and increases your restaurants bottom line.

A strong online presence is key!

Accurate and uniform Listings Help Customers Easily Find You. Having an effective online presence requires your restaurant to be in a number of places:

Owned Media: Your website, blogs and landing pages
Earned Media Review sites, search engines, listings and directories
Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+
Paid Media Ads on search engines, PPC,, etc.

Restaurant Social Pro
Stay on top of Social Media mentions

More than 51 percent of Facebook users and 81 percent of Twitter users expect a response to an online complaint within one day. With that kind of pressure, restaurant’s need a way to instantly hear about what their customers are saying to them online. That’s where we come in!

We monitor what customers are saying about you on, OpenTable, Zagat, Facebook, Foursquare, and Twitter and can up-sell, interact, build, engage, and respond to customer service inquiries. Our focus is on building a fan base, conducting customer service, and generating leads.

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